After the sun sets, it rises, and a storm’s mighty waves do subside, revealing a calming and a renewal. 
        The shoreline is transformed by the tempest,
and in its new form, beauty, peace, and wholeness persist.

    About Us:              

Crutchfield Counseling, Inc. was co-founded in 2006 by the husband-wife team of Jim Crutchfield, LCSW and Gloria Crutchfield, PhD.  Jim Crutchfield is a licensed clinical social worker and Gloria Crutchfield is a licensed clinical psychologist.  Both therapists have worked effortfully in the areas of mind and relationship health for over 18 years.  Each clinician has his/her specific areas of expertise; however, they most often treat clients for depression, anxiety, mood disorders involving substance abuse, loss and grief, life transitions and adjustments, relationship and self-esteem struggles, and parenting issues.

 Their clinical training and experience has fostered in them a firm belief in the resiliency of the human spirit and in each individual’s potential to consciously move forward and grow through challenges.  By developing a safe and respectful therapeutic alliance with clients, they partner with their clients to help them gain insight into dysfunctional relationships and ineffective patterns of behavior.   In an atmosphere of encouragement and support, they help clients to gain clarity, healthy coping and communication skills, and healthy boundaries that will assist them in transforming insight into action, and action steps into more fulfilling results.

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